Centennial Farm & Ranch

About Centennial Farm & Ranch

The Wyoming Centennial Farm & Ranch program annually honors families who have owned and operated the same farm or ranch for 100 years or more. More than 260 families have been honored through the program since it was reestablished in 2006. Each year, the State Historic Preservation Office and its program partners host a celebration to honor these families. An annual yearbook is also published that features the histories and photos of the Centennial families.


Why are Centennial farms and ranches so important?

Wyoming's ranch and farm lands are disappearing at an alarming rate. Farmers and ranchers have withstood development pressure, drought, and mining threats and yet they have managed to preserve these important pieces of Wyoming's rural heritage. Agriculture produces more than just food; it also maintains open spaces, contributes to the state's economy, and supports family businesses. These farms and ranches remain vital today and highlight the importance of agriculture to Wyoming.


How do I apply?

Download the 2023 Application (below)

Centennial families are honored each year at the Wyoming State Fair. They receive a framed certificate and a large Centennial sign to display on their property. The award is honorary and does not place any requirements or expectations on the family.


Program Partners