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Bath Row Historic District



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The Bath Row Historic District includes four buildings constructed in 1883. These structures were built by the Bath family, important contributors to Laramie’s early settlement period. Known for their fine stone buildings and business activities, the Baths were involved in merchandising, hotel ownership, early ranching, and the construction and rental of housing for railroad workers. This, in a town with a population of only 2,000 at that time, makes it easy to understand just how much power they wielded. These buildings are excellent examples of a type, period, and method of construction used in Laramie’s early settlement period, which was in large part determined by the Baths who set the standards upon which much of the local building traditions were based. Constructed as rental units for railroad workers, the stone structures are representative of the arrival and continuing influence of the transcontinental railroad in Wyoming.

Though nine houses and a barn were initially constructed, only four retain integrity and serve to provide a clear example of Laramie’s early stone buildings. The others along the row demonstrate the personal tastes and trends which later became popular.

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Thursday, May 08, 1986
Albany County
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