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Brush Creek Work Center



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The Brush Creek Work Center is located in the Brush Creek drainage on the western slopes of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range in southern Wyoming. The work center was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1937-1940 as an administrative facility for the Brush Creek Ranger District and replaced the original facility that was located about one mile to the northwest.

The first Ranger Station was originally called the Drinkhard Ranger Station and was constructed in 1905. The name was not thought to be appropriate and was changed to Brush Creek in 1914. The Brush Creek Work Center is significant for its association with expansion of Forest Service administration from custodial superintendence to active resource management during the 1930s. It is also significant because it embodies a distinctive style of architecture developed by the Forest Service during the Depression era. The use of standard plans was typical of remote Forest Service installations and the log building style conformed well with the forested surroundings.

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Monday, April 11, 1994
Near Saratoga
Carbon County
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