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Sundance State Bank



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The Sundance State Bank, constructed in 1914, is located on the corner of Main Street in the business area of Sundance, Wyoming. The building is two stories constructed of quarry-faced sandstone taken from the nearby Reuter Canyon. This stone won the quarry stone award at the Chicago World's Fair in 1916. The bank building is significant as a representative of transitional commercial architecture in the early twentieth century.

Its quarry-faced stone with abundant stone detailing and other Richardsonian Romanesque elements, demonstrate Victorian influence while the unbalanced facade and large square windows are characteristic of later twentieth century styles. The bank's date of construction is an exceptionally late date for this type of structure because the more popular trend at the time was toward brick structures with less ornamentation.

The bank is also significant for its association with the World War I agricultural boom which insured the stability and continued growth of the area's agricultural base and affected the broad patterns of Wyoming economic and social history.



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Friday, March 23, 1984
Crook County
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