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Torrey Lake Historic District


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The Torrey Lake Club/Ranch Historic District, built as a pleasure resort at the mouth of Torrey Lake in the 1920s, is comprised of grazing land and small groups of cabins, corrals, and bunk houses. The district consists of about 603 acres which includes thirteen contributing resources, including nine cabins, a footbridge, two privies, and a meat house. The nine contributing cabins were built by members of the Torrey Lake Club and were placed to minimize alternation of terrain and intrusion into the natural character of the site. Generally, the cabins are all distinctive one-story log buildings of a simple rectangular plan with gable roofs, and they rest on stone foundations. Dave Williamson, a stonemason from Scotland and an early settler in the Wind River Valley, built the fireplaces and did the stonework. The Torrey Lake Club/Ranch is the only known ''Club'' established with a homestead patent as a recreational resort, and formed by and for the benefit of a close association of friends led by John R. Boardman.



Date Added to Register:
Monday, August 12, 1991
Near Dubois
Fremont County
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