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Welty's General Store


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Welty's General Store was first established in 1889 on the east side of Horse Creek due north of what is now the town of Dubois. It was built by Frank A. Welty I to adjoin the homestead cabin of his father, Dr. Francis Welty. In 1897, George Hays and Juey Yeomans formed a partnership and built a store in the town of Dubois just north of the junction of Horse Creek and Wind River. Soon this was to be the new site of Welty's General Store. In 1898 Frank Welty purchased the Hays-Yeomans business, dismantled the original Welty's General Store, and reconstructed it as a rear addition to the Hays-Yeomans building. Since 1889, Welty's General Store has provided vital and varied services to homesteaders, ranchers, tie hacks and other settlers of the Upper Wind River Valley. Having truly been a ''general store'' since its founding, Welty's has always been the hub of commercial activity in the area. Welty's also provided the residents of the valley with fundamental banking, transportation and postal services.



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Thursday, November 15, 1979
Fremont County
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