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Buffalo Main Street Historic District


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The Buffalo Main Street Historic District contains historically significant buildings primarily dating from 1900 to 1932. This one and a half block district extends diagonally along Main Street at the heart of the larger commercial area. It is divided midway in the block between Fetterman Street and Fort Street on the north. Clear Creek, originally the impetus for locating Buffalo at this site runs under Main Street just south of this boundary. Angus Street serves as the southern boundary. Buffalo's buildings are typical of other commercial structures constructed in Wyoming and the West during the same period, and are representative of the cattle industry's recovery from weather, political battles of the 1880s and 1890s, and the trend for growth experienced at the turn of the century. Facade details represent a simple stylistic approach to commercial design. Most of the buildings are constructed of brick, a few are stone, and some have been stuccoed. The buildings in the Buffalo Main Street Historic District represent a prosperous commercial area supported by the agricultural base of the upper Powder River Basin in northern Wyoming.



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Thursday, April 12, 1984
Johnson County
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