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Baxter Ranch Headquarters


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Also known as the Log Cabin, the Baxter Ranch Headquarters Buildings are located just east of downtown Cheyenne. The two-story log cabin and the log barn were once part of the George W. Baxter Ranch headquarters which was located in the Hillsdale area about twenty miles east of Cheyenne. The two structures, built about 1885, were moved to Cheyenne around 1904 by the F. E. Warren family who owned the lots at this location. The log cabin was converted into a two-story, four unit apartment building while the log barn became a two-story duplex. To move the structures was a major undertaking. They were dismantled log by log, and each log was numbered and replaced in its exact original position. The Log Cabin and barn are among the last log structures remaining in Che

yenne, and the log cabin is the only ''log mansion'' in the city.

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Thursday, June 14, 1979
Laramie County
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