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Masonic Temple



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The Cheyenne Masonic Temple, first built in 1901, is a well-preserved example of the type of building placed in the State Capitol's structural landscape at the turn of the century. The impressive three-floor brick structure with Romanesque features is representative of the efforts of Cheyenne builders to reflect an image of prosperity through the built environment. The building embodies the distinctive characteristics of a method of construction employed during the early twentieth century in Wyoming. Although certain changes in design occurred during the reconstruction period of the building in 1903 following a fire, sufficient numbers of architectural elements were retained so that significant original design and feeling components continued to be recognizable. Occupants of the building, the Cheyenne Masons, have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of Wyoming's social welfare history and thus the building serves as an architectural association with that contribution. In addition, through the memberships of numerous state and federal governmental leaders in the Lodge, the building is associated with persons who have made an impact on Wyoming's history.



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Thursday, October 25, 1984
Laramie County
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