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Union Pacific Depot National Historic Landmark


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The Union Pacific Depot at Cheyenne is located at Fifteenth Street and Capitol Avenue and takes up more than a city block in area. As the headquarters for the Denver-Cheyenne-Ogden Division of the Union Pacific Railroad, it is the oldest of the Union Pacific properties in Cheyenne and probably the most impressive railroad building in all of Wyoming. Looking north from the depot on a line-of-sight axis is the spire of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and ten blocks from the depot along the same line is the Wyoming State Capitol Building. All three of the historic buildings were constructed at the same time, beginning in 1886. The Depot stands as a historic symbol of the growth of both the city of Cheyenne and the state of Wyoming. Not only is it representative of an earlier historic era, but it is in itself an example of a particular style of architecture developed by the outstanding American architect, H. H. Richardson.



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Monday, January 29, 1973
Laramie County
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