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Bridger Immigrant Road - Waltman Crossing


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The Bridger Road ran across the northwestern quadrant of Wyoming from near the present day city of Casper for a distance of about 225 miles into Montana, where it turned in a due westerly course leading up the Yellowstone River Valley continuing for another 200 miles to its destination at Bozeman. It was a wagon road primarily formed by the shod hoofs of teams--oxen, mules or horses--and the imprints of iron-banded wheels rolling under heavy loads. The road was established by Jim Bridger in 1864 to reach the bustling gold fields of western Montana. The Waltman Crossing of the Bridger Immigrant Road is located approximately 45 miles west of Casper, Wyoming where it crosses U.S. Highway 20/26.



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Friday, January 17, 1975
Natrona County
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