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Big Horn Johnson Street Historic District


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The Big Horn Johnson Street Historic District is comprised of buildings of local historical and architectural significance. The buildings are one and two-story wood frame with false fronts and date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. They are representative of western 'boom town' construction throughout that period. The buildings are spaced unevenly along the main street, reminiscent of efforts to provide a more expansive look to burgeoning communities and to protect against the spread of fire. Big Horn was the first town in Sheridan County and temporarily served as the county seat. It was organized to serve travelers along the Bozeman Trail following the military campaigns of 1876-77 which eliminated Indian control of the area. After being bypassed by the railroad in 1892, Big Horn became an agricultural service community for the Little Goose Valley and thrived as such into the 1930s. Big Horn's main street likely contains the highest concentration of original false front buildings remaining in the state and looks much the same as it did near the turn of the century.


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Monday, April 09, 1984
Big Horn
Sheridan County
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