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Dayton Mercantile



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The Dayton Mercantile represents one of the most important early commercial enterprises in the town of Dayton. From its origins as a small country store in the 1880s, it grew to be one of the largest enterprises in the town and region. The Dayton Mercantile served not only the communities of Dayton and Ranchester, but also northwestern Sheridan County and the surrounding region including southeastern Montana through the network of roads and trails through the area. It served as a gathering place for the people of the area to exchange information, purchase much needed supplies, tend to postal needs, and socialize. Therefore, nearly every family in the region either bought merchandise from or utilized the Dayton Mercantile at some point in the early origins of that portion of Sheridan County. It became one of Dayton's largest and most enduring businesses and has served Dayton and the area from 1882 to the present day in one capacity or another.



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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Sheridan County
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