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A. V. Quinn House



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The Quinn House, also referred to as Pine Gables, is a frame one and one-half story residential structure that sits on the edge of the Downtown Evanston Historic District. Constructed in 1883 for A.V. (Anthony) Quinn, it is one of the older and larger Victorian homes in Evanston. Quinn was a nineteenth century entrepreneur who first came west for the California gold rush. He moved east with the building of the Central Pacific Railroad and finally settled in Evanston in the 1870s. He opened the town's first bank, became a prosperous merchant, acquired extensive land holdings and participated in territorial politics. His wife, Mattie, was involved with the Women's Temperance Movement and the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. The Quinn House embodies characteristics of traditional late 19th century Victorian architecture as constructed in small western town. The house is a fine example of architectural trends of the merchant class in thriving railroad communities such as Evanston.



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Thursday, September 13, 1984
Uinta County
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