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Old Faithful Inn National Historic Landmark


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Old Faithful Inn, one of Wyoming's most innovative and spectacular historic buildings, takes its name from Old Faithful Geyser alongside which it is built in Yellowstone National Park. Designed by Robert C. Reamer, a noted Seattle Architect, construction began during the fall, winter and spring of 1903-1904, with the addition to the east wing built in 1913, and the addition to the west wing in 1928. Sometimes advertised as the world's largest log hotel, the building features a 100 feet long, 80 feet wide, and 80 feet high registration lobby. Lodge pole logs figure prominently in the construction of the Inn's outside walls and inside lobby balcony rails and supports. Guests who have stayed at Old Faithful Inn over the years include heads of governments, statesmen, financiers, and industrialists.



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Monday, July 23, 1973
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
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