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Wheatland Downtown Historic District



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The Wheatland Downtown Historic District (WDHD) is locally significance under Criterion A for Commerce and Government and Criterion C for Architecture. The downtown district is the commercial and governmental center of the town of Wheatland. It developed along the west side of the railroad line. Residential areas border the district on three sides. As the town of Wheatland was established and grew in the early 20th century the downtown district developed to serve the commercial and government needs of the townspeople and surrounding area. The proximity of the railroad allowed for the transport of goods. The Platte County Courthouse, post office, library, city hall, and major businesses were all located here. As the town has grown the downtown district has evolved with mid-century updates to the buildings and the district has continued to be the commercial center.

The Wheatland Downtown Historic District (WDHD) is located within the town limits of the Town of Wheatland, Platte County, Wyoming. The WDHD boundaries form an irregular polygonal area generally bounded on the east by 8th Street, on the south by High Street, on the west by the alley between 9th and 10th Street, and on the north by Walnut Street. The WDHD is comprised of 31 properties, consisting of twenty-four (24) contributing buildings and eight (8) non-contributing buildings. The noncontributing buildings are of the same scale as the contributing buildings and do not significantly impact the overall visual and functional cohesiveness of the WDHD. Residential buildings are located along the north, west, and south sides of the WDHD area. The WDHD’s setting and its historical resources represent a cohesive sense of place and reflect Wheatland’s late nineteenth century establishment and over a century of community development.

The WDHD’s setting and its historic resources reflect its late-nineteenth century establishment and community development throughout the mid-to-late-twentieth century. All lots in the WDHD are on a grid system platted and recorded by Laramie County on August 25, 1894. Lot sizes vary depending on use (e.g. industrial, institutional, general business/commercial, residential) and reflect a number of twentieth century parcel boundary adjustments, mostly a result of merging of adjacent parcels. Paved streets and concrete curbs and sidewalks characterize much of the WDHD.

The majority of buildings serve general business/commercial functions; of which many had mixed uses. Mixed uses include first-floor retail spaces with second-story residential spaces and hotel offices and meeting spaces being rented out and utilized by the county government. Interspersed among the general business/commercial buildings are additional buildings of various uses including but not limited to governmental, domestic, social, and educational resources.



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Friday, March 19, 2021
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