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Wyoming Homesteading, Ranching, and Farming: 1860-1960

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Wyoming Historical Maps

Historical maps can be of great value not only for identifying particular places that may not appear on current, popular maps, but also in showing population trends (reflected in county formation), the development of transportation systems, and the creation (and demise) of small towns and villages.

The following maps dating from the mid-1880s to 1909 are useful references and sources themselves. In addition, for more maps, be sure to consult the Historical Maps of Wyoming in the Wyoming State Archives Online Map Collection at http://wyoarchives.state.wy.us/Archives/Maps.aspx

wyo map 1882 Wyoming Territory, about 1882
Detail from map of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming in People's Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge (New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1882). Map from collection of Michael Cassity.
wyo map 1887 Wyoming - 1887
Cram’s Unrivaled Atlas of the World (Chicago: George F. Cram, 1887). From collection of Michael Cassity.
wyo map 1895 Wyoming - 1895
Rand, McNally Atlas of the World (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1895).
From collection of Michael Cassity.
wyo map 1909 Wyoming - 1909
Hammond’s 8 x 11 Map of Wyoming, (New York: C. S. Hammond & Co., 1909). From collection of Michael Cassity.
wyo map 1921 Wyoming - 1921
The New World Atlas and Gazetteer (New York: P. F. Collier, 1921). From collection of Michael Cassity.