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Wyoming Homesteading, Ranching, and Farming: 1860-1960

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Loading Pens Johnson County
Loading Pens, Johnson County.
Photo: Michael Cassity, 2006


A Guide to the Evaluation of Wyoming’s Ranching, Farming, and Homesteading Historic Resources

Michael Cassity

The historic resources of the state are evaluated within the standard framework of the National Register of Historic Places. That framework identifies the criteria by which a resource may be considered significant. Even within that framework, however, it is necessary to identify a standard approach and a common set of property types, or resources, so that, as much as possible, similar resources in different parts of the state, evaluated by different investigators, will be assessed by the same standards.

The document linked below is a guide to the different kinds of historic properties associated with ranching, farming, and homesteading in Wyoming and the requirements for them to be considered eligible, or as contributing features to an eligible set of properties, for the National Register of Historic Places.

Download the Resource Evaluation Guide PDF.