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Wyoming Homesteading, Ranching, and Farming: 1860-1960

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House and Granary, Star Valley.
Photo: Michael Cassity, 2009


Lives Worth Living, History Worth Preserving:
A Brief History of Wyoming Homesteading, Ranching, and Farming, 1860-1960

Michael Cassity

As part of the effort to explore Wyoming’s history of homesteading, ranching, and farming, the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office asked the author of the long historic context study to prepare a booklet that presents in summary form the results of his research. That booklet is linked below as a pdf. While this booklet presents a general overview of this history, the subject itself is large and complex. The reader is encouraged to turn to the major study itself, the full historic context study, Wyoming Will Be Your New Home: Ranching, Farming, and Homesteading in Wyoming 1860-1960. This will be important for anyone seeking to explore the subject deeper and for the resources that are included in the bibliography and footnotes.

Download the Brief Narrative PDF.