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The City-County Building, completed in 1919, is significant for its historic associations with the development of the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County governments. The building is a fine example of the Classic Revival Style, and is significant for the quality of its craftsmanship and detailing. Originally, the City-County Building housed fourteen county and six city offices, along with courts for each level of government. Additionally, the United States Internal Revenue and Prohibition offices were also located here. The site of the City-County Building has some very interesting history behind it. The original Laramie County Courthouse, built in 1873, stood on the same site. It was the second courthouse erected in Wyoming Territory, and served as the Wyoming Territorial Capitol Building for the 1873 legislative session. The most famous case heard in this courthouse was that of a former Indian scout, and later cattle detective, Tom Horn. The original Laramie County Courthouse was razed in 1917.



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Thursday, November 30, 1978
Laramie County
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