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The Consolidated Royalty or Con Roy Building is a substantial five story brick commercial building located along Center Street, the main street of Casper. Most of the historic office buildings that were constructed in Casper between 1915 and 1927 are now either gone or radically changed. The Con Roy Building is one of the last remnants of the tall office buildings in downtown and is one of a handful of historic buildings that have retained their integrity in the city's commercial core. When designed by the Casper firm of Garbutt and Weidner in 1917, the Con Roy had the architectural elements and design of many of the early ''skyscrapers'' constructed first in Chicago during the late nineteenth century. The Con Roy can be considered an example of the commercial style with neoclassical elements such as the prominent terra cotta cornice, dentil molding, and symmetrical appearance. Some of Casper's leading citizens, such as Patrick J. Sullivan and B. B. Brooks, were instrumental in the development and subsequent occupation of the Oil Exchange Building, later renamed the Consolidated Royalty Building. The building, constructed in response to a need for more office space that was necessary because of the tremendous oil boom, symbolizes the wealth that was part of Casper during a period of prosperity from 1914-1927. The history of the Consolidated Royalty Building is strongly associated with the discovery and commercialization of oil in the Casper area and the need for a prominent office building to house the prosperous oil companies. Construction began on the building in 1917. By the end of 1918 over thirty different entities were listed as occupants of the building in a Casper business directory. The Con Roy Building has continued to serve the community as one of its finest office buildings.



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Thursday, November 04, 1993
Natrona County
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