Eldon-Wall Terrace Site



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The Eldon-Wall Terrace Site (48SW4320) is a large prehistoric archaeological site located in the Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming on a low broad terrace of the Black's Fork River. Cultural materials extend for approximately 0.6 kilometers along the terrace. Surface materials consist of clusters of thermally altered rock, some of which are associated with charcoal stains, clusters or concentrations of lithic debitage and tools, and an overall thin scatter of lithic artifacts. The dominant lithic materials are locally available cherts and chalcedonies, including Bridger chert, tiger chert, and Granger green chert. All of the materials occur as pebbles and cobbles in the local lag gravels. A single temporally diagnostic projectile point indicates a Middle Archaic occupation. The activity areas at the site can provide important information regarding intra-site patterning and aspects of lithic technology. The hearth features are likely to contain preserved materials which can reflect past habitats and subsistence patterns and provide radiocarbon dates.



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