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  • Green River Drift Trail Traditional Cultural Property


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    The Green River Drift continues to play a significant role in the development of the ranches in the Upper Green River Valley and specifically of the Upper Green River Cattle Association member ranches and is a representative example of a stock drift trail. It has been an essential corridor between seasonal grazing lands for ranches in the Upper Green River Valley for over one hundred years. With 99 miles of trail and spurs, the Drift has been essential to the operation of these ranches in the area. The Drift showcases how a stock drive works and its significance within the ranching industry. It also highlights the relationship between federal agencies and ranchers through the use of public land for grazing. The trail has been continuously used since the 1890s to get the cattle from what are now the BLM allotments at the south end of the trail to what are now the United States Forest Service allotments at the north. The Drift crosses BLM managed property, State of Wyoming property, private property, and United States Forest Service managed property. The trail also makes use of some county roads along its path.



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    Friday, November 22, 2013
    Sublette County
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