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  • Remount Ranch


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    The Remount Ranch is a pioneer cattle and horse ranch in Laramie County. It is significant as it represents the themes of late 19th century pioneer settlement and agricultural development, and was the home of the celebrated author, Mary O'Hara, who wrote extensively of the Wyoming landscape and ranch life. The Remount Ranch, originally called the Lone Tree Ranch, was homesteaded in 1886 by Thomas Gunston. One notable social acquaintance of Thomas Gunston was the infamous historical character Tom Horn, bounty hunter and range detective turned outlaw. Tom Horn visited the Gunstons over the years and according to some sources, used the Gunston ranch to hide-out from the pursuit of Laramie County Sheriff Frank Roach and Federal agents seeking his arrest for the killing of a young boy named Willie Nichol. The Gunston property was sold in 1930 to Helge and Mary Sture-Vasa. The high plains ranch would provide the inspiration for Mary O'Hara's beloved book, My Friend Flicka published in 1941. Mary developed a modest but successful boys' ranch at the Remount for youngsters from prep schools in the East. She continued to write at the Remount, producing all best-sellers about life in Wyoming, including Thunderhead, Green Grass of Wyoming, Wyoming Summer, and the Catch Colt. The Remount Ranch best represents the significant contributions made by Mary O'Hara during her adult, productive lifetime.



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    Wednesday, September 19, 1990
    West of Cheyenne
    Laramie County
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