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Near Arminto

  • South Cedar Gap



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    The site complex at South Cedar Gap is a multi-component prehistoric archaeological site group composed of at least six discrete clusters of stone circles (tipi rings), several cairn and cobble alignments, including a linear ''trail'', and a buried level of burned and fragmentary bone, lithics and carbonized organic debris. A Late Plains Archaic projectile point and a Late Prehistoric projectile point have been recovered from the surface. No other components have been verified. The location of the site is in the eastern structural fringe of the Wind River Basin, along a seasonal tributary of Alkali Creek, an upper tributary of the Wind River in the southern foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. The South Cedar Gap site complex is an extremely rich site containing important archaeological data on aboriginal settlement and subsistence in the upper Wind River Basin and the Middle Rocky Mountains in general.

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    Date Added to Register:
    Friday, May 13, 1994
    Near Arminto
    Natrona County
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