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View Full List of National Register: Wyoming Listings

Brooklyn Lake Lodge



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Brooklyn Lodge, named for nearby Brooklyn Lake, is significant because of its association with the development of dude ranching and the tourist industry. The lodge was built during 1922 and 1923. At this time, dude ranching was in the process of evolving into guest ranches and resorts where visitors no longer participated only in day to day ranch work, but also in activities catered to their interests. Brooklyn Lodge provided quiet solitude, fishing, and horseback rides into the surrounding mountains beginning in 1924 with its first paying guests.

The lodge is also important because of its association with Harry D. “Hoot” Jones. Born in 1882, Jones established himself as one of the most skilled rodeo performers in the Rocky Mountain Region. Inspired by Libby Lodge, a nearby guest ranch which had opened in 1919, Jones selected a location to build his guest ranch, the Brooklyn Lodge. The Jones family operated the Lodge into the late 1930s.




Date Added to Register:
Tuesday, October 24, 1989
Near Centennial
Albany County
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