View Full List of National Register: Wyoming Listings

View Full List of National Register: Wyoming Listings

Cheyenne Public Schools



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Public education was a primary concern of Cheyenne's citizens from its beginnings in 1867-68 as a ''track town'' along the first transcontinental railroad, the Union Pacific. The Territory of Wyoming was created in 1868, and Cheyenne was designated the temporary capital. Previously, the first school was established for officers' children at Fort Laramie in 1852, and in 1860, Judge W. A. Carter built a school at Fort Bridger and hired a teacher for his own children and a few of the other children. However, neither of these facilities could be considered public schools. The first session of the Wyoming Legislative Assembly in 1869 organized the territorial school system in ''An Act providing for the organization of school districts, schools and for other purposes.'' The act was based on the Dakota Territory Statutes of 1862. The general organization was quite simple, consisting of a territorial superintendent of public instruction, a county superintendent for each county, and the establishment of school districts within each county. Here are the ten Cheyenne schools listed on the National Register:

  • Cheyenne High School (LCSD No. 1 Administration Building)
  • Lulu McCormick Junior High School (Emerson State Office Building)
  • Mabel Fincher School (Triumph High School)
  • Deming Elementary School
  • Corlett Elementary School
  • Park Addition School (Chaplin School)
  • Churchill Elementary School
  • Hebard Elementary School
  • Johnson Junior High School
  • Storey Gymnasium


Date Added to Register:
Monday, August 22, 2005
Laramie County
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