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Big Horn Hotel



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The Big Horn Hotel was the center of two communities. It was built by J. L. Marquis in the town of Wolton, Wyoming in 1906 when the Chicago & North Western Railroad built a line through that town. When the Railroad built a line through Arminto in 1913, the hotel was moved to Arminto. The Big Horn Hotel served as the center of Arminto's social, economic and political activities. Sheep and cattle ranchers who trailed their herds into Arminto shipped them from that point, then retired to the hotel for a celebration. When the town was incorporated in 1915 the first meeting of the town council was held in the parlors of the hotel. In 1964 the post office was moved to the hotel. The structure has been destroyed by fire since its listing in the National Register of Historic Places.



Date Added to Register:
Monday, December 18, 1978
Natrona County
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