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Casper Fire Station



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The Casper Municipal Garage and Fire Station, also known as the Casper Fire Department Station #1, was designed in 1921 by the city's leading architectural firm of the day, Garbutt, Weidner and Sweeney. The brick building has an unusual design and striking late Gothic Revival appearance embellished with buff colored terra cotta around the three garage door openings, upper floor windows, and crenelated parapet. The Casper Fire Station is both architecturally and historically significant. The construction of the fire station in 1921 marked a significant turning point in the community because it reflected a greater need for fire protection in an expanding population. The building is associated with the growth and development of the City of Casper during the oil boom of 1914-1927; the building symbolizes how Casper changed from a small agricultural town with a volunteer fire department to a booming oil center with a paid fire protection staff.



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Thursday, November 04, 1993
Natrona County
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