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View Full List of National Register: Wyoming Listings

Natrona County High School


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Natrona County High School, built between the years 1924 and 1941, is one of the city and state's most distinctive high schools. The architectural style, Collegiate Gothic, is highlighted by a dramatic entry tower and the extensive use of terra cotta that draws attention to the building's memorable facade. Constructed after the 1920s oil boom in Casper, the architectural firm of Garbutt, Weidner and Sweeney designed an educational facility with numerous amenities unknown in Wyoming at that time such as in indoor swimming pool. The physical appearance of Natrona County High School, its conception, and its growth are closely intertwined with the economic growth of Casper and the evolution of progressive ideas about education sweeping the country. The laying of its cornerstone in 1924 coincided with the emergence of the modern high school in America. For decades it was the only high school in Casper, and it also housed Casper College from 1944-1955. The building is important for its direct association with the growth of education in Casper, and in the area of architecture as an outstanding example of the Collegiate Gothic style in educational buildings, and as the work of a master architect, Arthur M. Garbutt.



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Friday, January 07, 1994
Natrona County
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