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View Full List of National Register: Wyoming Listings

Stone Ranch Stage Station


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Located on the plains west of Casper, the Stone Ranch Stage Station was constructed sometime around 1890. The stage station is a representative structure from a short era in Wyoming's transportation history when stage, freight and mail lines carried supplies and passengers from the terminus of a railway line to communities not yet serviced by a railroad. By the late 1880s the Wyoming Central Railroad had laid rails from Nebraska into Wyoming reaching Lusk, Douglas, Glenrock, and Casper. The movement of freight, supplies and passengers from the Casper terminus to Lander, however, depended upon privately owned and operated stage routes. The first stop on the route was at Stone Ranch. The station operated from 1897 to 1902 under the guidance of John (Jack) Clark as one of several stops operated by the Clark family. In 1902 the Utah-Nevada Express Company signed a four year contract to operate the stage line from Casper to Lander and Fort Washakie. Within six months this company failed and the U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Company of Baltimore, bondsmen, took over the operation of the stage line. Steward and Joe Nails were sent to take charge and continued in that task until the railroad reached Lander in October 1906. The completion of the railway brought many new settlers to central Wyoming. Stock raising ventures prospered with the arrival of a reliable method of transporting sheep and cattle to markets. However, stage freight lines could not compete with railroads and routes adjacent to the railway line ceased to be corridors of commerce. Most of the stage stations closed including the station at Stone Ranch. The structure became part of the building complex at the ranch and served in many adaptive use capacities.



Date Added to Register:
Monday, November 01, 1982
West of Casper
Natrona County
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