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Dayton Community Hall



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The Dayton Community Hall is located in a residential area on the corner of Bridge Street, Dayton’s original main thoroughfare, and Third Avenue. The lot is 50 feet by 142 feet with a small lawn, and a dirt parking area on the north side. The peeled log structure rests on a one-foot high, poured concrete foundation. The main building is rectangular with a hipped roof. A small rectangular shaped, hipped-roofed appendage is located at the west end of the building and a hipped roof porch is on the east side.

The building, which has been in continuous use since 1936, embodies the tight-knit spirit of community that still exists today. Built as part of the national Works Progress Administration (WPA) relief effort during the Great Depression, the hall still functions as it was originally conceived—“a building for community gatherings.” Just as it has in the past, the hall today hosts weddings, parties, dances, funeral dinners, reunions, and special town meetings.



Date Added to Register:
Friday, November 25, 2005
Sheridan County
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