Calpet Rockshelter



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Site 48SU354, the Calpet Rockshelter/Petroglyphs, encompasses a sandstone outcrop at the base of a butte in Sublette County, Wyoming. It includes a rockshelter with two stratified cultural levels, scattered fire-cracked rock and a few surface artifacts with at least two buried components on the colluvial slope below the shelter, and nine petroglyph panels distributed throughout the site area. Radiocarbon dating shows that the site dates to the Late Prehistoric Period. Cultural affiliation of at least the lower cultural level in the shelter can be ascribed to the Fremont. The petroglyph panels reflect utilization of the site area by the Fremont and Prehistoric/Protohistoric or Historic Period Shoshoni, as well as visitation of the site by Euro-Americans.



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Friday, May 13, 1994
Sublette County
Sublette County
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