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Community Preservation Program (CLG)     -

Community Preservation Program (CLG)     -

Community Preservation Program (CLG)

Linda Kiisk

Renée Bovée


Linda Kiisk

Renée Bovée


General Information

CLG General Information




The Community Preservation (also known as Certified Local Government) program exists to develop and support local historic preservation programs throughout Wyoming. We provide education, funding, and technical assistance to help protect historic properties in communities across the state. There are currently 22 certified local governments (CLGs) in Wyoming’s Community Preservation program.





What are the benefits of certification?
  • Grant funding
  • Technical assistance
  • National Register participation
  • Training opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation in federal consultation
  • State and federal support for preservation in your community
What are the requirements?
  • Maintain a historic preservation commission or board
  • Enforce a local preservation ordinance or resolution
  • Survey and inventory historic properties
  • Provide opportunities for public participation
  • Submit an annual report

How does a community become certified?

If your town, city, or county is interested in becoming certified please call 307-777-3418.


CLG Grants

CLG Grants

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Each year the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) must transfer a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the State’s annual apportionment of Historic Preservation Funds (HPF) to Certified Local Governments (CLGs) for eligible activities. Any Wyoming CLG in good standing is eligible to compete for these funds by submitting an application. To be in good standing, a CLG must have an approved annual report from the previous fiscal year that confirms they met the requirements of their CLG agreement. We highly recommend contacting us prior to beginning a grant application to ensure that the applicant and project are eligible for funding.


We are accepting grant applications for FY2021!


FY2019 CLG Grants Awarded


FY2018 CLG Grants Awarded

Albany County Historic Preservation Board, Pilot Hill Survey, $7,040

Casper Historic Preservation Commission, Preservation Strategic Plan

Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board, Capitol North NR Expansion

Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board, Historic Airport Fountain Plan

Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board, Facade Improvement Plan

Gillette Historic Preservation Commission, Downtown Survey

Gillette Historic Preservation Commission, Downtown Walking Tour Booklets

Park County Historic Preservation Commission, Ice, Elk & Archaeology

Teton County Historic Preservation Board, MPDF Residential Properties

Wheatland Historic Preservation Commission, Downtown Survey

CLG Handbook

CLG Handbook

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CLG Training

CLG Training

Heather Rockwell

Renée Bovée


Check back here for more information. We will have training videos available on our YouTube channel shortly.


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