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  • Clearmont Jail


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    Clearmont, founded in 1892 by the Burlington Missouri Railroad, is primarily an agricultural community located in the northeast portion of the state of Wyoming. Clearmont was incorporated in 1919. In the same year the developers of an agricultural business, Leiter Company, asked the Clearmont Town Council to authorize construction of a jail. Due to a growing population town officials became concerned about law enforcement. The Town Council funded the construction of the jail in 1922. The Clearmont Jail is a solid steel and concrete structure with walls five and one-half inches thick. The jail was used frequently through the 1950s. It was thought that the jail was an effective deterrent to crime because it did not have any modern facilities. Prisoners were taken to a cafe to eat, and back at the jail they were given a can to serve as a toilet. It was used for the last time in 1961.



    Date Added to Register:
    Monday, May 14, 1984
    Sheridan County
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